Omega Injection Oxygen Water Spray

Omega Injection Oxygen Water Spray has several fields of application: 1. Skin rejuvenation, removal of facial imperfections,tighten hair pores, deep cleansing and improve flexibility and skin tone. 2. Removal of the scar; Remove the scar caused by laser treatment, burns, surgery etc. 3. Wrinkle removal 4. Removal of acne, comedons, blackheads and acne scars 5. Soothe inflammation Features and benefits: 1. New idea for skin rejuvenation, a safe treatment with a good result. 2. Safe and effective for all skin types. 3. Friendly, easy-to-use design. · The oxygen injection machine delivers 98% purified oxygen and activates nutritional distillation on rooted skin through impulsive force to speed up cell metabolism, whiten and re-solidify the skin. How to use: 1. Clean : Clean the face and dry it slightly 2. Oxygen application: Add one ampoule of Ojesh serum along with 15ml purify water.

Rotate the pressure to 2 L/M when you apply oxygen. The duration of treatment is 20-30 minutes. Be careful to administer oxygen on the skin of the eyelid as it is very delicate.

refill with 10ml of water spray it all after each use.

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