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OJESH Lifting Treatment is a highly effective serum for a silky skin feeling. Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, natural toning ingredients, plant extracts and NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) components supplies and keeps moisture to the skin. By keeping the skin fully hydrated, the treatment will reduce the appearance of fine lines and visibly dryness. While hydration fills up skin cells, the skin's tension is improved noticeably. The treatment's revitalizing effects gives the skin a feeling of well-being, and maintains skin complexion perfectly.


- Moisturizes and tones skin

- Prevents aging

- Prevents spots

- Repairs damaged skin

- Cares for skin after micro plastic surgery

- Reduces acne

- Improves skin immunity

0.8% Intensive Care Serum

OJESH 0.8% Intensive Care Serum

OJESH Lifting Intensive Hyaluronic Serum Treatment

A higher concentration of hyaluronic acid (0.8%) for more effective and faster results.

OJESH intensive treatment is very stable, injection-free, allergen-free, and has no side effect, no artificial color, no corticosteroids, no mineral oil, no bleaching agent, no chemical antiseptic.

It regulates the connective tissue's water content and is the most effective way to gently smooth wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolletage. Our unique recipe with plant stem cells forms a firming complex of active ingredients that actively supports your skin from the inside and gives it a vital shine. Energy boost for your skin deepens the moisture stores immediate action - Highly concentrated serum restores your skin's natural resilience.

0.9 Ampoules Intensive Plus

OJESH 0.9 Ampoules Intensive Plus


The main ingredient of hyaluronic acid 0.9 is emulsified by hop fermentation. 

Special design for allergic, acne-prone skin, and other problematic skin: Calming and anti-inflammatory play a super powerful dual effect of repairing the bottom environment and damaged barrier skin.

At the same time, hops are the safest phytoestrogen in nature, which activates rejuvenation and keeps your skin glowing.


  • From Hallertau in Bavaria, Germany

  • Only 1 in 10000 hops passes the test

  • After 468660 days of transformation

  • Anti-aging - Reduce visible traces of aging young and energetic-glow booster ampoules

  • Soothing - Sooth & energize your skin calm and cool, beauty booster ampoules

  • Moisturizing - Naturally heal & repair moisturizing and nourishing, hydration booster ampoules

28 Ampoule Set

OJESH Classic 28 Ampoule Set

28 ampoules version- OJESH Hyaluronic Acid Lifting Treatment is the world's first small nano-molecule hyaluronic acid, the world's smallest molecular weight in the market. It is very easy to be absorbed and penetrates directly to skin dermis layers to achieve real moisturizing. Our innovative LIFTING formula combines active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, natural firming substances and plant extracts with the effects of so-called NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) components. Together, these leave the skin feeling soft and fresh. By stabilizing the moisture content via the top layer of the epidermis, they diminish fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. They also support cell activity to lastingly improve elasticity. The result is a smooth, even complexion that is a sign not only of external beauty but also of inner balance, of someone who is at peace with themselves and loves the skin they're in.

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4D Lifting Mask

OJESH Premium Lifting Mask 


A luxury sheet mask with hyaluronic acid and marine sponge collagen collected in the deep Aegean sea and processed by a patented technology. Relaxing, regenerating and rejuvenating - all in one sheet mask and 25g of nourishing essence.

Ojesh Mask Box .JPG
Premium Treatment Set


OJESH Premium Set 

- OJESH® premium carries the Dermatest® seal of quality, which certifies their skin-compatibility. 

- Alpine edelweiss-Powerful whitening and Anti-aging ingredients. 20 Pure plant extracts with natural ingredients

- Obtained European patent certificate using micromolecular technology and edelweiss extraction. 

- Replace unsafe injection


The following three different colors of hyaluronic acid, 1 percent concentration. the top row of transparent color is small molecular hyaluronic acid, which directly penetrates into the basal layer of the skin (fifth layer).

- The second row is a medium molecule with a light green color. On the basis of the hyaluronic acid of the original solution, the edelweiss-whitening and moisturizing factors. 

- The third row is yellowish color, which acts on the dermis layer of the skin. 

- Its role is to start from the basal layer of your skin. Help to build strong metabolism. Then, after the basal layer tube is finished, continue to control your middle layer. After the middle layer tube is finished, it will help with your surface layer. The steps is started from basal layer to the middle layer, to the surface layer. It helps with Repair, detox, hydrate, restore and whitening effect. 


OJESH premium can achieve micro-shaping effect. Intensively Reduce fine lines and repair scars . It is a very popular skin care products in European countries.  Medical and plastic surgery hospitals use OJESH premium o repair after treatment and surgery.

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