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Introduction of Ojesh Serum from Classic to Intensive Plus

Ampoules are small, light and can be applied well on the face both in the evening and in the morning. You can use our ampoules as needed or simply incorporate them into your daily care routine for good hydration. Just give them a try!

Did you know that ampoules provide the facial skin with highly concentrated combinations of active ingredients, because of their texture, they can penetrate deeper layers of the skin?

Let's find out more about Ojesh ampoules

Ojesh Classic Serum (0.6)

Our Lifting Treatment Classic Care is simply always a good choice!

The highly effective serum with oligo-hyaluronic acid and nourishing plant extracts penetrates deep into the skin and fills the moisture storage there. Fine lines are smoothed, and dryness areas are significantly reduced.

Ojesh Intensive Serum (0.8)

Does your skin need some intense moisture? Then our revitalizing serum made of highly concentrated oligo-hyaluronic acid and special plant extracts is the right thing for you! It provides a lot of moisture to your skin and gives it a vital glow.

With a commitment to taking the best care of your skin, we produce our products to the highest quality standards. That’s why we think and work as innovative as sustainable. And use only natural active ingredients, like hyaluronic acid combined with carefully selected plant extracts. Fillers or additives don’t stand a chance with us, we only use the ingredients that are really needed.

Ojesh Intensive Plus Serum (0.9)

The main ingredient of hyaluronic acid 0.9 is emulsified by hop fermentation. Special design for allergic, acne-prone skin and other problematic skin: Calming and anti-inflammatory play a super powerful dual effect of repairing the bottom environment and damaged barrier skin.

When skin is dry and under tension. When skin in desperate need of moisture? Then it's time for our intensive care plus serum.

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