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Light Therapy is the treatment used by this product. 

1. production of collagen that tightens the skin 
2. remove the acne by closing dead pores on the skin. 

1) Vibration Cleaning: 300,000 less than 0.07 microns of bristles with sound waves vibrate deep into the pores, feathery and soft, can thoroughly clean out the "dirt" hidden in the skin. 
2) Deep Cleaning: The vibration increases the gap between each skin cell and sends the skincare ingredients to the skin which increases absorption. 
3) High-frequency massage, Triple color light: Blue Light: Inhibits melanin, whitening Red light: Promotes skin circulation and stimulates collagen regeneration Green light: Calm and anti-inflammatory, regulate water and oil balance 
4) Advanced tech 

1. Wireless charging 
2. Bluetooth recognition 
3. Self-generated personal custom skin care menu 
4. Face massage 
5. spray wash 
6. shrink pores 
7. lift compact 
8. moisturizing replenishment; Ultimately this equipment improves the skin complexion and suppleness which washes your face cleanly, smoothly and safely.

Ojesh Beauty Ultrasonic Therapy Applicator

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