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OJESH Lifting Treatment is a highly effective serum for a silky skin feeling. Active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, natural toning ingredients, plant extracts and NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) components supplies and keeps moisture to the skin. By keeping the skin fully hydrated, the treatment will reduce the appearance of fine lines and visibly dryness. While hydration fills up skin cells, the skin's tension is improved noticeably. The treatment's revitalizing effects gives the skin a feeling of well-being, and maintains skin complexion perfectly.


- Moisturizes and tones skin

- Prevents aging

- Prevents spots

- Repairs damaged skin

- Cares for skin after micro plastic surgery

- Reduces acne

- Improves skin immunity



OJESH lifting treatment in your pocket.

A set of 21 ampules of OJESH classic serum plus an elegant OJESH Nano-Mist Sprayer, a simple yet magical lifting treatment in your pocket! Simply add one ampule of OJESH serum along with 5 ml of spring water into the sprayer, and keep your skin fully hydrated and freshened all day long.


OJESH 4D Lifting masks carries large, medium, micro and nano molecules of HA (hyaluronic acid), which replenishes moisture levels and support the skin’s natural firmness.

1D - Improves subcutaneous circulatory system, bringing tons of nutrients to each layer of the skin, while increasing the speed of skin cells renewal.

2D - Smoothes and tightens skin. With various sizes of HA molecules, the serum in the mask allows HA molecules penetrates to all layers of the skin, giving the skin a three-dimensional moisturizing treatment. It keeps the skin fully hydrated for longer period of time without frequent replenishment of water, which would restore shriveled skin cells.

3D - Wrinkle reduction. Nano/micro molecule hyaluronic acid that has been fully absorbed by the skin will begin to work with collagen-rich connective tissue. Wrinkles will gradually disappear, while skin becomes smooth & tight.

4D - Skin whitening. With our own Matrixyl 3000 PEG free solution, the mask will give you a brighter and yet flawless skin.



OJESH Premium Set (Includes free beauty ultrasound instrument)

One box of of premium OJESH is equal to 6  times of collagen injection treatment. 


- OJESH® premium carries the Dermatest® seal of quality, which certifies their skin-compatibility. 

- Alpine edelweiss-Powerful whitening and Anti-aging ingredients. 20 Pure plant extracts with natural ingredients

- Obtained European patent certificate using micromolecular technology and edelweiss extraction. 

- Replace unsafe injection


The following three different colors of hyaluronic acid, 1 percent concentration. the top row of transparent color is small molecular hyaluronic acid, which directly penetrates into the basal layer of the skin (fifth layer).

- The second row is a medium molecule with a light green color. On the basis of the hyaluronic acid of the original solution, the edelweiss-whitening and moisturizing factors. 

- The third row is yellowish color, which acts on the dermis layer of the skin. 

- Its role is to start from the basal layer of your skin. Help to build strong metabolism. Then, after the basal layer tube is finished, continue to control your middle layer. After the middle layer tube is finished, it will help with your surface layer. The steps is started from basal layer to the middle layer, to the surface layer. It helps with Repair, detox, hydrate, restore and whitening effect. 


OJESH premium can achieve micro-shaping effect. Intensively Reduce fine lines and repair scars . It is a very popular skin care products in European countries. Over 200 medical and plastic surgery hospitals use OJESH premium o repair after treatment and surgery.